It’s all Greek to me

I’d love to think I were Greek in a former life, but DNA doesn’t lie. I’m purely a western European mutt.

MCDALCA_EC032_H_Jennifer-Aniston-Along-Came-Polly-467Despite my heritage, I harbor a fascination that borders on obsession with this gem of the Mediterranean and all that comes from it.

Even my most admired style icon – the actress Aphrodite that is Jennifer Aniston – is (half) Greek. Just today, People magazine named her the most beautiful woman in the world for 2016.

Anyway, back to my point: I love all things of the Grecian persuasion – most notably, the jewels.

It all began with an inexplicable fondness for cameos. I collected a handful of them as a young girl and sadly, every one of them has been lost to time (or maybe a Caboodle thief).

Any woman my age can call herself a liar if she says she wasn’t at least a little bit in love with George Michael – our modern day Adonis. I was slightly crushed when he came out, you lucky menfolk, you.

As an adult, I learned to love Greek food. I learned about Greek mythology (not just from Percy Jackson). I lived vicariously through my parents when they crossed “take a Mediterranean cruse” off of their bucket list, ogling every photograph they captured and demanding specific details of every meal they consumed.

CEringThe first piece of fine jewelry I ever bought myself was  a ring like this from Caroline Ellen, engraved with a humorous ancient Greek saying. I saved up for a long time to have it commissioned after spotting it in a June 2003 issue of InStyle. The scratches and dents in my ring’s heavy gold blend into a fine patina.

My interest has since expanded into ancient Egyptian and Roman cultures – both of which owe much to Greece and its people. (If you tell me you didn’t like the short-lived ROME series on HBO, I will call you an idiot. To. Your. Face.)

20160420_150321-1_resizedA large part of my jewelry wardrobe bears Greek symbolism. I have replica coin necklaces featuring the likenesses of Cicero, Calliope and Minerva. I have an Alex and Ani bracelet honoring Hermes, the great communicator and trusted messenger of the gods.

The earrings and bracelet (pictured left) are vintage finds I made on Etsy and eBay, respectively. The earrings, a rare piece by Angie Olami, are a tribute to Philotes, a lesser-known goddess of friendship and affection. The bracelet is a beautiful example of the widely-used Greek Key, or meander, pattern which symbolizes infinity or the eternal flow of things.

I’m hoping to have the opportunity to wear my lovely pieces while visiting the birthplace of democracy someday. Sweet hubby, I’m looking at you to get me to (the) Greece!


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