The benefit of bangles

12974507_10154200854853755_894595498306239693_nThere is no greater form of gratitude than giving back.

The ladies behind Alex and Ani jewelry have made appreciation an art form. Literally.

Dozens upon dozens of organizations have garnered generosity via the company’s Charity by Design concept. For more than 5 years, 20 percent of the purchase price of that line of bracelets has generated funds and awareness for associated charms’ charities. To date, more than $1 million has been raised.

And it gets better. Alex and Ani stores – like my local shop in Cherry Creek North – host events to support their communities. Just last night, my friend Jen and I attended a happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m., during which 15 percent of all sales would be donated to one of my favorite nonprofits, Think 360 Arts. Don’t mind if I do!

I did, however, employ restraint and buy only one bracelet, despite my desire for many, many more. I have a feeling this is going to snowball very quickly. (Have you seen how many choices there are?!)

There is so much to love about this company, from its dedication to recycling and its overwhelmingly vast body of work to its incredible corporate citizenship. Best of all – the pieces remain affordable amid that conscientiousness.

It’s this type of enterprise that deserves the devotion its fans demonstrate. Bidding wars for retired pieces are commonplace on eBay among clamoring collectors. The girls here in Denver showed me a photo of a woman who loved the Rulers of the Woods series so much, she tattooed it on her arm.

Stack them up. Pile them on. Collect away. There is definite elegance in this kind of excess.



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