All the frills

In honor of this weekend’s upcoming festivities, I give you this clip from one of my favorite movies of all time.

As an aside: I love the irony that the song details a lovely Easter bonnet and Linda Mason’s dress is pattered with crowns.

Since the days of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, springtime celebrants have welcomed the season – and the Easter holiday – with new clothes.

But the emergence of the frilly and floral-festooned headgear for ladies – collectively referred to as Easter bonnets – didn’t occur until well after the post-war 1870s, when women and children replaced dark-colored mourning dresses with brighter hues. Those eventually became the pastels that are perennial this time of year. In the 20th century, women regularly began topping off their looks with the aforementioned accoutrements.

Rest assured, fair readers, my baby girl will be a bonnie lass in a pink bonnet (and matching purse) from her Grammie.


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