The fabric of my fashion

A rainbow of scarves waits to be purchased at my local mothership (aka TJ Maxx). Photo from my own gallery.

There is something so luxurious about a scarf. From the material of which it’s made to the effortless or thoughtfully constructed air it can lend to an ensemble, no other accessory can achieve so much by doing so little.

I. Love. Scarves. They’re versatile and the perfect marriage of form and function. They can dress up a simple T-shirt and jeans,  add a pop of color to a LBD or serve as outerwear for the coat-averse among us.

On nearly a daily basis, I’m thankful for their early 2000s resurgence.( I can barely get dressed without including one as a finishing piece.) They inched back onto the scene in overly long forms, worn wrapped just once around the neck, seemingly dangling for yards toward the wearer’s feet.

As years have passed scarves have grown shorter, thicker and most recently, the infinity scarf is enjoying its lengthy 15 minutes. And perennially popular is the posh Pashmina.

For thousands of years, women like me have clothed themselves in these multipurpose and terrific textiles. They have served scads of purposes – cleanliness, denotation of military rank, religious observance and of course, warmth. Today, they are more of a costuming capstone than a weather-dictated necessity.

So layer up, ladies and gents. There’s a scarf for every outfit and every occasion. I’m off to pick out which of mine I’m going to don tomorrow. After all, it’s supposed to snow.



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