It’s a quote I could, nay, should, have said myself: “For me, jewelry is a way of keeping memories alive.”

No sentiment has been truer in my life.

My pair of sterling mountainscape pendants from Vail remind me of my late friend Brent Higgins‘ larger-than-life smile and of how he died, albeit tragically young, doing what he loved.

My sterling Tumi charm takes me back to long hours on the Inca Trail in Peru and of Percy, the pan flute-playing guide who escorted my friend Lys and I on a three-day foot journey to Machu Picchu.

I collect jewelry like some people collect magnets, T-shirts,  thimbles or spoons… my pieces are a record of my history. My jewel boxes are my scrapbook – each piece contained recalls a specific moment in time, a place traveled or a person loved.

Each piece is a treasure, a conduit and is cherished feverishly.

This blog is intended to be an homage to adornment. These pieces we wear are so much more than mere decoration; they’re little pieces of us.




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